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When we built our last home, I purposely decided on a floor plan with a large pantry…however, when we moved into our new home, the pantry was not nearly as big. Which basically equals a huge mess in our house. Soooo, I decided to get rid of some things (mainly all of the junk food that we still had left over from the holidays) and do a complete overhaul. New baskets, better organization and I also had some old wrapping paper that I decided to wallpaper the walls with. I think it turned out super cute so I thought I would share the process with you. Here’s what it looked like before I got started. It honestly makes my brain feel cluttered just looking at it.

I started with the obvious…removing everything from the pantry.

One quick tip though: when using wrapping paper, use a thicker grade of wrapping paper because it doesn’t tear as easily! Also, I prefer a matte look versus shiny, so definitely think about the look that you are going for, if you decide to give this a try.

Next, I used a fabric measuring tape to measure the inside sections of the pantry. I like using this to measure difficult spaces because you can get a super accurate measurement and even bend or draw on it to help. I then just measured it out on the wrapping paper, drew the lines and cut it down. I would normally draw on the backside but with this pattern, I liked being able to see that I was keeping the pattern straight! I wish I could tell you that I used a ruler or something fancy to draw the lines, but I totally used my daughter’s scholastic book order form.

After I cut the paper out, I made sure that they fit into the wall slots in the pantry.

I then started to adhere the wrapping paper to the wall. The best way I found to do this was to take a small foam roller and roll a very thin layer of modge podge onto the actual wall. Next, I started at one side of the wall and attached the wallpaper from top to bottom and made sure it was straight. I used a credit card and flattened out a little bit at a time as I worked my way over to prevent as many bubbles in the paper as possible!

You will want to let this sit and dry for a few hours before you begin to modge podge the front. I have found when you try to do the front right away, you’re more likely to end up with lots of wrinkles.

So after it dried to the wall, I began to roll the modge podge onto the front. I did three layers and let it dry about 30 minutes in between each layer.

I also decided to add caulk to the bottom where the pantry and wood tile meet, because it was driving me crazy!

I cannot remember where the wrapping paper came from, as I purchased it over a year ago. The baskets were gifted to me by an old neighbor and friend that moved out of state. She did tell me that they came from target though!

My final thoughts?

I love how it turned out! However, this is probably the largest area I would work on with wrapping paper and modge podge. Any larger and I think I would just have to bite the bullet and spend the extra money on actual wallpaper because I think it would wrinkle too much and be too difficult to apply with wrapping paper and the decoupage technique.