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Ten years ago, Josh gave me two options for my birthday present:

1. A front load washer and dryer (I had really wanted a set).


2. A Weimaraner puppy.

Honestly, at the time, the washer/dryer appealed to me more…but I also knew that Josh had always wanted that breed. And a puppy. I mean, who really can resist? So along came Iba. 

I called her my “smart, dumb dog”. Ever seen Clueless with Alicia Silverstone? That was Iba. Super smart. Kind of ditzy. 

She would do things that kind of blew my mind. Sometimes she would just have me cracking up. Sometimes she would do things that made me super frustrated. But at the end of the day, she was fiercely loyal and loved her people hard. And we loved HER. So much.

Today, Iba started acting super strange. Yelping and moaning. Not able to move around. Her legs were going out on her when she stood up.

So Josh took her to the vet. Due to coronavirus, Josh loaded her onto a gurney, curbside, and waited in his car to hear from the vet. 

My girl never made it home. 

Turns out Iba had a huge mass pressing on her spleen, amongst other things…And with her age, it didn’t sound like she would’ve handled the surgery well. 

My heart hurts today. I can’t stop crying. I’m dreading finding all of the things that remind me of her all over my home. I’m praying that tomorrow I can keep it together a bit better. Especially for Gracie. Iba has been in her life since the day she was born. 

My husband and I joked once tonight. He said that maybe I should’ve taken the washer and dryer so we wouldn’t have to feel the pain of losing her. But honestly, I’ll take the heartache for all of the amazing memories with my Iba girl. She will be missed so much.