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I am often asked how I put together collages of items on a wall…

Honestly, I never gave it too much thought. It’s just something that I do. But when I actually did start thinking about it, I DO have a method that I seem to use every time! So I am going to share that with you today.

Last week I decided that I wanted to paint the walls lighter. That meant removing all of my wall decor. That also meant revamping my wall decor, of course. So I decided to take images along the way to show you my “process”.

This is nothing ground breaking, BUT may possibly help someone out there.

First, I always start with my wall collage on the floor, before I put it up on my wall. I lay everything out and keep making adjustments with pieces and positions until I get the look that I am going for.

It looks a little something like this to begin with:

After I get it just right, I begin by hanging the items to the left first. It never actually ends up on the wall EXACTLY the same way it was laid out on the floor…but it gets close enough haha.

Then I add the items all the way to the right so that I can fill in the gap evenly in between.

I’m not going to lie…I ALWAYS end up making more holes in my wall than necessary because I mostly eyeball instead of measure…so inevitably things get removed and re-hung. It’s just how I roll.

Here is the finished result. A little different than I had it arranged the last time. But I love the small changes made.

I have used this arrangement in various ways prior to this. Once in this home and once in our previous home. Here were the others that I “built” using this same method:

I hope that was helpful to someone out there! Happy decorating friends!