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Consistency. I often hear people say that they lack consistency. I used to think the same thing about myself. That I had a “consistency issue”… but honestly, none of us really lack consistency. We are all consistent with something.

If you’re not consistent with working out, you’re probably consistent with not working out. If you’re not consistent with eating healthy, you’re probably consistent with eating unhealthy. If you’re not consistent with working your at home business, you’re probably consistent in doubting your capacity to do it. Or to be successful.

I have been really digging deep lately. Trying to figure out ALL of the things about myself. What I like and why, what I believe and why, why I do what I do. ALL. Of. The. Things. Here’s what I have figured out. I actually do NOT have a consistency issue at all. I have a belief issue. Believing that I am capable. Or good enough. Or even worthy. And when I really dig deep, I realize that most of these beliefs were formed in childhood because of how certain people spoke to me, or treated me, or excluded me. Even worse, many of these people were in a position of power. Why am I holding onto beliefs stemming way back from childhood? They didn’t serve me then and they certainly don’t serve me now. Furthermore, why is it that we have an easier time holding onto the negative beliefs, versus the positive ones…?

So this blog. I have not been consistent with it. Instead, I have consistently believed that I really may not have anything important to say. Or that nobody cares what I have to say. Or that maybe I might say too much. Or possibly hurt other people while speaking the truth about my life.

Somewhere deep down though, I know that I am supposed to continue sharing. I have felt God nudging me in that direction. My truest thoughts and feelings come alive when I write. Maybe it will help someone else. Maybe it won’t. But it definitely always helps ME to dig through my own thoughts and feelings, through writing. And since I am on this journey of speaking my truth and being the truest version of myself, without apology… I figure I owe it to myself to stick with something that I want to do and feel called to do.

I pray that if you’re struggling to remain “consistent” in something, that you start digging a little deeper. Chances are that your lack of consistency, really has nothing to do with consistency at all. It probably has more to do with a lack of belief. Belief in your own abilities. Belief that you are enough. Belief even in what you are doing, or how you are doing it. But chances are it comes back to a lack of belief.

That’s always worth exploring.