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Honestly, it’s really hard to explain myself in just a few paragraphs. Plus I feel like I am always evolving as a person. The things that define me today, may not next year.

Here are some things that I DO know about myself though. The things that are always constant…

I love hard. I love “my” people and I love people that I don’t even know. The most “difficult to love” people interest me the most because I know 9 times out of 10, they have the stories that will break your heart. Finding compassion for others definitely comes easy for me. I truly believe that my heart for others is the one thing that God equipped me with to make a difference in this world.

I am sensitive. You won’t catch me crying from pain, but you WILL catch me crying to any good love story, happy story, sad story. Honestly. You’ll probably even catch me crying to the funny stuff because I laugh so hard. 

I am a creative person. I love photography, decorating, home renovation, DIY. I love a good “before” and “after”. Nothing makes me more excited. If I am not creating, I’m truly not living my best life.

I seek adventure and change. I hate routine. I know. This makes some of you cringe. Especially those of you who are like my husband-you crave the consistent life… Don’t get me wrong. I like consistency in some forms. And I have 3 kiddos, so we have to maintain some sort of consistency for them…but I like the unknown. I like trying new things. I like each day being a new day with new experiences. This is also why I probably enjoy doing so many things in this life. I like to spice it up. And, I get bored easily. There I said it.

I am the daughter of the one true King, a wife, a mom and a foster mom. A creator, an optimist, an adventure seeker and now, I suppose, a blogger.

I “think” my main focus of this blog will be home decor and DIY.  That is one thing that has always interested me and that I never seem to become bored with. But I, of course, love so many different topics that I am sure you’ll end up with a mixed bag of a blog here. 

Sorry about that in advance.

I pray that I can inspire you, remind you that you are awesome just the way that you are and teach you a few things “DIY” along the way.

Thanks for being here!

Love, Autumn



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